I appreciate the approach Nels takes with us…
November 8, 2017

I appreciate the approach Nels takes with us. He listens to what we’ve done in the past and what we want to accomplish, then creates something customized to our company. There wasn’t just a boilerplate he expected us to fit into.

Being able to have a standardized feel for our equipment is also important. Once you run one piece of our equipment on the system, you get a feel for the next one you may operate. There is a familiarity there.

Mullinax has three crushing operations and our largest runs 4,000 tons a day. The interlocking capability of the NKH system has been big for us. It’s something we didn’t have before and I don’t know how any company can run well without it.

As the owner of our company, I also like the level of reporting the system can provide. I can track information and instantly know what our day-to-day operations are costing. It allows me the freedom to make better decisions for our organization.