Before this system was installed, we had a lot of down time and problems. The interlocking ability we have now allows us to avoid breakdown, and the system largely takes care of itself

Brian Dunning, Belgrade Plant Manager | Knife River Corporation

NKH Controls offers over thirty years of field experience, and delivers easy to understand interfacing, rugged dependable equipment. Remote accessibility, and fast trouble shooting service.

Are you tired of your plants heating system failing during the night, robbing you of production time? Our system will mail, or text you of any alarm states that occur!

Controls for running continuous flow plants or batch towers. Touch panels are interfaced to industrial PLC’s via Ethernet. This eliminates windows software failures and virus’s. System designed by plant engineers and plant operators.

We installed NKH Controls in our mobile hot plant in Forsyth, Montana. It is simple to operate and there is no comparison between it and the old button system. It has helped with both productivity and efficiency.

Mike Weiand, Asphalt Plant Operator - Prince, INC.

NKH Controls Premier Automation Systems