In our asphalt plant we’ve been running the NKH system…
November 8, 2017

In our asphalt plant we’ve been running the NKH system for more than 10 years. Our previous system was always broken down, and we were on the phone to their tech people trying to keep it going.  Since we put in this system, we have had essentially zero downtime.

This system is highly configurable. You think up how you want it to interlock or react, and Nels makes it do it.  If you need to change it, he’ll do it offsite, upload it when your machine is scheduled for downtime and when you come in the next morning it works the way it’s supposed to.

It is also great from a troubleshooting point of view. If a sensor fails, he can log in from wherever he might be and diagnose what’s happening quickly. It’s just a matter of changing it, and we’re back running.

Nels has worked in crushing and asphalt production, and knows it inside and out from the mechanical and engineering end.  It’s nice to know he’s not just a computer tech– he’s been out there with the wrenches and welding rods in his hands. He understands what it takes to do what we do.